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Welcome to Ruff's Labradors

We breed yellow, white, black and chocolate English Labrador retriever puppies in California. So, if you seek to buy a lab puppy in California for your household,
check out our beautiful dogs! Browse through our site and enjoy the pictures and videos of our amazing Labrador puppies and adults. If you go to the individual pages of our girls and
sires, you’ll notice that we give you their health clearances, as well as any awards that they have won. Healthy dogs are very important to us, our puppies come from a long line of
excellent breeding stock with generations of health clearances. Also, for the boys, you’ll see a note regarding whether they are available for stud service or not. We have even
included photos and information regarding our retired dogs, so you can see the parents, grandparents and so on of our current moms, dads and puppies. So, you can be certain that
your puppy comes from only the best and most beautiful dogs around! As for our puppies, we have the perfect Labrador puppies for sale in California. If you seek yellow labs, black
labs, or chocolate Labrador retrievers, we have them! We can offer the perfect English Labrador retriever for any home. Our retrievers are breed to be great family pets but have the
pedigree to make excellent upland bird and waterfowl hunting companions, as well as competition dogs. Whatever you have in mind, Ruff’s Labradors will act as obedient companions
and loving family friends. We hope that you enjoy the pages and pictures of our California Labrador puppies, adult dogs and some of the studs we use. If you have any questions,
please contact us by email at or phone at (209)786-2437 or (209)470-7833. Thank you for visiting our site. If you are looking for the perfect pet for your family be
sure to call Ruff's Labradors, In Valley Springs CA.
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