I am a small breeder and can only keep so many dogs. That is the only reason Creamy may be leaving us
after she has this litter. I can only entertain about 6 adult dogs at a time. In order to stay in business I have to add
a new pup every year or so since I don't believe in over breeding any one dog. I require all adult females to be
fixed when they leave us. Normally I find them new homes when they are about 5 years of age that way they have a
long life with their new owners.
      As for price I am asking for $400.00 but I am more concerned in the home the will be going to. The home is
more important than the money. I want it to be a permanent place for them where they will get lots of attention. I do
take back any dog or pup that doesn't work out with the new family or if something changes where the family is no
longer able to care for the dog that has come from me. So I would be interested in what is planned for her and what
her living environment would be.
  They are used to doggy doors for the kennels that have buildings attached to them. As for being in my house I
only allow the dogs in the kitchen that has doggy gates on the doors. When I leave the dogs go into wire crates
when they stay in. I live out in the country with lots of dirt, mud and water so I keep the dogs off the carpet.

      Creamy is a yellow female that will be looking for a new home in March. She is having her last litter around Jan
14th. She is also a well mannered dog. She is 7 years old. Yeah 7 years sounds old. We had planned on keeping
certain dogs permanently and Creamy was one of them. It is hard not to get that permanent attachment to all the
dogs. When I got Creamy I wasn't into breeding as much as I am now, and giving her up wasn't even a thought as I
raised her. Now my cup is overflowing and I have to rethink things. But I will be just as happy to keep her if no one
is interested, as I originally planned.
  She is quiet and is great with helping me raise pups and weaning them from their moms. I have a few of her
offspring and they are great also. Her son is a goofy happy go lucky kind of dog that weighs 110 lbs. Her
granddaughter is a stick nut. Every time I open the gate she runs for any stick she can find and brings it to me.     
Her great granddaughter is just the most mellowest dog but yet spunky enough to keep the stick from the rest of
the dogs and keep them interested in chasing her for it. When I say stick I mean firewood. There is a huge pile of
wood but they want the one she runs with. They like to chase each other for the stick.
  She would be great for a family that is getting a new puppy but doesn't have the full time needed for training the
pup to be a well behaved energetic pup. When you have an adult dog a new pup tends to follow the other dog's
behavior. Picking up it's good behaviors which can help you when you live the busy life that most people do.