If you plan on showing your pup please check with AKC event rules for the type of show entry you are
planning to join.
http://www.akc.org/reg/limitedreg.cfm  is the site for you to read what Limited Registration means.
Limited registration can also be reversed with AKC at a later time for a fee and more documents will need
to be filled out by both of us. You can also find this info on AKC website. It is easier to do co-ownership in
the beginning if you think you may want to do something different. The name Ruff's would also need to be
the 1st name on pups registered name.
We do not give Full Ownership on Full Registration for this litter. This is done to protect the breedings of
our reputation and the sire's owners reputation on our years of breeding quality labs to help insure the
sound health and body structure of breed standards. This helps to make sure that if you do breed the
dog, things will be done to ensure that you are taking the same care we are in producing offspring. It also
helps to detour people that are wanting to over breed the dog.

If you do need full registration, we can do co-ownership. this is what is on my co-ownership agreement:

Pup is required to carry “Ruff’s” as the 1st  name on the litter registration. This will allow the new owner to
compete in AKC Shows if they choose to.         
As long as this dog is not bred there will be no additional fee’s to be made to Christine Ruff. Buyer agrees
to pay Christine Ruff $1000.00 or pick of litter ( at Christine’s choice ) every time said female is bred, or
$500.00 for males that are to be used for Stud. If payment is chosen by Christine it must be paid at time of
signing the litter registration papers. If Christine chooses to take 1st pick then she will make a choice of
sexes to be held for her by 4 weeks of age and then will choose a pup of that sex at 8 weeks of age.
Buyer agrees to make all pups in the litter available for viewing twice between 4 to 7 weeks old and once
again at 8 weeks.
Buyer agrees to have said dog’s ( at buyers expense ) Hips & Elbows OFA’ed and Eyes cleared with
CERF before any breeding is to take place. Said dog must pass all clearances.
Said buyer agrees to show Hip, Elbow & Eye Clearances, Pedigree and Photo to Christine Ruff for
approval before any Stud is to be bred to said pup. Christine Ruff has the right to turn down a stud if she
feels the Stud is not of comparable quality of said pup. Any stud or breeding fees that occur is at buyers
expense. Christine Ruff also has the right to refuse a breeding if she fills the dog is being over bred by
Christine Ruff has no rights to take possession of this dog. Buyers agree that Christine Ruff  also has no
legal responsibility of said dog to any damage or injury that occurs from said dog to any person or
property. Buyer also has full responsibility for any expenses that occurs to care for said dog.