This is the Stud we hired to breed to our girl.
His Hips & Elbows rated " GOOD " with OFA .
Show Record:

BEST OF BREED  (Major)     6/7/09    Contra Costa KC    Mrs. Karen Martin

WINNERS DOG    8/16/08    Lake Co. KC of No. Ca.   Mrs. Judy Doniere

BEST OF WINNERS / BRED BY EXHIBITOR GROUP 1    8/15/08    Mensona KC    Mrs. Beth Sweigart / Ms.
Paullet DeLong

BEST OF BREED / GROUP 4    6/29/08    Lost Coast KC    Ms. M. Martorella / Mr. J. Gregory

BEST OF BREED / GROUP 2    6/28/08    Lost Coast KC    Ms. S. Allen / Ms. M. Martorella

BEST OF BREED     4/20/08    Chief Solano KC    Mr. Charles E. Doran Jr.

BEST OF BREED        4/16/08   Chief Solano KC    Mrs. Christina Hubbel

BEST OPPOSITE SEX    10/28/07    Sac. Valley Fanciers    Mr. Elliot Weiss

BEST OF BREED    9/8/07    Redwood Empire KC    Mrs Quiros-Kubat

BEST OF WINNERS    8/17/07    Lake Co. KC of No. Ca.    Miss Dee Maltz

2009 Ventura KC - Judge Dana P. Cline, WD, BOB
2008 SVLRC - WD, JAM, Judge Jill Ickowski
2008 Channel City KC - RWD, Judge Mr Byrd
2008 Santa Maria KC - WD, Judge Donna Buxton
OFA Hips -

Elbows - Normal
Eyes - Cerf

Full Dentition
Optigen A1 by

Heart - Clear
EIC (Exercise-Induced
Collapse) - Clear

CNM (Centronuclear
Myopathy) - Clear

(Chocolate only,
carries no black, no
BaJa Weikenlin Moonking  -  Owned by Kenya Labradors