About Ruff Labradors

Back in 1990 is when we got hooked on Purebred Labs. My husband at the time had a boss that gave him a 1 year old Lab that was out of control and had already been placed in it's second home.

Our Lab's first home as a puppy had three small kids. Six months later the kids were afraid of her because the pup didn't get
worked with properly. She was left out in the backyard with little training and attention. So when the kids went out she would jump on them and that will frighten little kids. She chewed on everything out of boredom.

They sold her to my husband's boss which in turn took her home to meet the wife. The first thing the dog did when she was let out of the truck was to run straight for the wife and knocked her down. The wife said "No Way" did she want such an out of control dog and that the dog had to go.

Knowing that we were animal lovers that took in any unwanted dog,  the boss asked us if we would want the beautiful dog. We took her in and she was wild but all she wanted was attention. She loved to be petted and have a ball thrown for her frequently. She was funny in the beginning because when you would try to pet her she would flip over and over with excitement. And yes she knocked me down a couple times also.

Soon with work she was living in the house full time and behaved very well. She also turned into an excellent Pheasant Hunter with a nose that wouldn't miss a thing. She produced two litters of pups in her younger years. We kept and loved her to the end. Now we have other Labs that we love just as much.

Over the years of having such wonderful experiences with  purebred Labs we have become a small hobby breeder. Our pups are raised to be family pets most of all but some have been used for Search & Rescue and Explosive & Drug Detection Dog. And of course the hunting dogs that they are known for.

We pride ourselves on breeding dogs with the thicker bone structure. Some people prefer their dogs to look like the beautiful
English Show style quality dogs and some people prefer a American style field dog structure for stamina.  

We like both. So we try to breed the best of both worlds. We breed dogs with the show lines in them and we breed dogs of
hunting lines. We have and use Studs with the large blocky heads, stout bodies with thick bone structure, thick fur and tails, and of at least 80 lbs on up.

Our females tend to weigh at least 75 pounds. They tend to have stout bodies with the larger bone structure and the thicker fur. Some may also have just enough hunting background in them to have the stamina ( when needed ) to work hard at retrieving when the time is right for you. But yet they are more than happy to lay around the house waiting for the family to play with them.

We are competing in the AKC Conformation Shows with a few of our females. It has been allot of fun going and watching the
dogs preform in the ring. Our kids are also competing in the Junior Showmanship Class.

The pictures on this page are of our home life and our property that our dogs, puppies, family and friends are raised on and enjoy. We can't imagine living anywhere else.
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These are some the wild birds that come to
our little pond every year.
black labrador puppy
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