1st litter- HOPPER & WINSOME MALE               HOPPER & WINSOME FEMALE                 HOPPER & WINSOME MALE
Now this is what a Lab is all about!         Kosmo -  2nd litter   Male                               Kosmo -  Male
Roxie - 2nd litter    3 months                                   6 months                                                   3 months
DAKOTAH - 2nd litter
Kosmo - 2nd litter  Male                        KOSMO                                                        KOSMO
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Boozer at 2 1/2 months                           1 1/2 years old
CARMEL OWNED BY RUFF LABRADORS - She is being trained to be a Princess!! -------------------------------------------------- Carmel at 15 months.
Bumper- owned by us also but He is in training to be a Hunting dog ------------ First row is at 6 months and above row is at 15 months
Kooper at 7 months - female
Tellez pup- From this --------------------- To  this! --------------------------Then This!!
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Ozzie Lemos at 3 1/2 years old **** Now that's a BIG Head!
LEO Gonfiantini at 2.5 weeks----------------------To  this at almost 5 months