Puppies ----

We take $500.00 down for deposit to reserve a pup for a certain sex and color. Balance of
$1000.00 due on the day you pick up your pup equalling $1500.00 total. With most of our litters, if you
are reserving before they are born, the first deposit we receive for a certain sex and color gets first
pick. If you are the second person to send a check for the same sex and color then you would get
second pick, and so on. They usually have anywhere from 6 to 12 pups. Usually close to half and half
on the sexes also.

Pups stay with us till around 8 weeks. If that time falls on an inconvenient time for you we are
flexible about keeping them up to a week longer. Such as vacations or holidays that might take you
away from your pup for a extended time. We want them to get off to a good start.

Unless breeder says otherwise,
By 6 weeks of age you will be required to make your choice of
which pup will be yours
so we can start showing the rest to sell or so the other people below you can
see who is still available. At this age they like attention from people. You can come and see the pups
as early as 4 weeks old. But they are only starting to play with each other at that age. 5 weeks is when
they are much more interested in interacting with you.

If you can not come out by the specified age then you will be required to make a choice
through pictures & videos.

We keep them up to date on all medical needs (as our vets standards) while they are in our care.
Dewormings and  shots are started around 5 weeks of age. Then they need to have a couple more
sets of puppy shots when they go to their new homes and Rabies done at 4 months. Whenever they
leave our care you are responsible to continue there shots and other needs.

Final payment is due at the time of receiving pup.
Any checks received must clear bank first so
usually people bring final payment in cash.
We give receipts for cash payments.

You will receive your
AKC Registration forms with Limited Registration to register your pup in your
name. You will also be given a
Hip & Eye Guarantee Contract. You will be given copies of the
pedigree's with photo's of parents and health clearances that have been done on the parents. All other
history is available on the website.

You will also be required to pick up and pay for pup in full by a certain time (no later than 9
weeks of age if previously arranged). Just so that we wouldn't be expected to keep the dog forever for
you. If you back out of the deal AFTER you had a pup to be held for you at 4 weeks of age, or don't
make final payment by 9 weeks of age, then at that time you would forfeit your deposit.

The reason we do this is the pups need to start bonding with their new family, and to protect us also.
Because ads cost us over $100 a week. If we take that pup off the market and all others of that same
sex or color have been sold then we turn people away for that sex and color. Then if we were to have
someone back out we use the deposit for time lost and to re-advertise the pup and/or run ads.

Our current litters are sold Limited Registration.
We always reserve the right to take first pick over our customers.


Good luck on your search for a pup. Remember getting a cheaper price on a Lab does not always turn
out in the long run to be a good deal. Do your research on the backgrounds of BOTH parents. Make
sure they have in hand pedigree's and OFA Certificates. If the dogs have Preliminary OFA's they
should have certificates on those also.

We give our new puppy owners access on our site to all the ancestors background that we have
possibly researched. This info could be on pedigree's, OFA's, OFEL's, CERF'S, Titles and points,
awards received, and pictures of allot of the ancestors.
Most of our dogs are from several
generations back of our own breedings
. So we know what their temperament was, and no
troublesome health issues that some dogs pass on to their offspring. Most the time we even have 3
generations here for you to see when you come visit us.

We try to take weekly video's of the litters from the time they are born so you can see them grow
and interact with each other. We post them on the website as soon as possible so you can view them
at your convenience and be a part of their lives even from afar. We encourage you to come out to sit
and play with them for about an hour so you can pick out what you think will be a good match for your
family. That also allows plenty of time for questions and ideas. Only two people per visit.

If you are mailing a deposit please make checks payable to Christine Ruff.
Make sure you email/text us and let us know you are sending a check for "what sex and color
you want". You can also make a 2nd choice as a back up if you have one. If you have a
preference as to which mom you may also write that down also. We also need all your contact
info with your deposit.

We will send out a conformation email/text to confirm your place in the picking order as soon as we
receive your deposit. Your check will not be cashed until the pups are born and we know we have
enough of that sex and color to sell to you. Once the puppies are born we will email/text you as to how
many pups of the sex you chose were born and send you a link to watch their video's through the
weeks until they can go home or be visited.

Thanks for your interest in our Labs and if you have anymore questions please let us know.

Checks Payable to:
Christine Ruff
7350 Baldwin Street
Valley Springs CA 95252

209-470-7833 Cell
209-786-2437 Home