We are small breeders and can only keep so many dogs. That is the only
reason any of our dogs may be leaving us. We can only entertain so many
adult dogs at a time. In order to continue breeding quality dogs we have to
add a new pup every year or so, since we don't believe in over breeding
any one dog.

Normally we retire our breeding dogs between 5 or 6 years that way they
have a long life with their new owners. Labs live to be about 13 to 15 years
so these retired dogs have about 6 to 8 years of a good life still ahead of
them. We sometimes have these great retired adults available at
reasonable prices to families or older couples that aren't able to raise a
puppy or young dog that will require lots of training. Not every family has
the time or patients to train a Lab pup.

Most of these dogs are crate trained, leash trained and have been house
trained. We don't over breed them so we retire them after about three or
four litters so that they can spend the rest of their life with a loving family
that may have only a few or no other pets. These dogs are sold as family
pets, not breeding dogs, so they are to be spayed or neutered.

Sometimes we will keep a “pick of the litter” puppy for awhile to see if they
might be of show/breeding potential. Therefore we sometimes we sell
them as young adults. We also take back any dog or pup that doesn't work
out with the new families or if something changes where the family is no
longer able to care for the dog. So we would be interested in what is
planned for them and what their living environment would be before we
send a dog out to a second home. We try to make it be the last time they
have to change families.

As for price we are more concerned in the home they will be going to. The
home is more important than the money. We want it to be a permanent
place for them where they will get lots of attention. Our family raised dogs
are used to doggy doors for the kennels that have buildings attached to
them. As for being in our house we only allow most of the dogs in the
kitchen that has doggy gates on the doors. We live out in the country with
lots of dirt, mud and water so I keep the dogs off the carpet. When we
leave the house most the dogs go into wire crates if they are staying